It All Started With A 40-Pound Cabbage

We all have pet peeves, right? Well, one of mine is movies where the wisdom is imparted by a child. “Aw, c’mon,” I say to my wife, “How realistic is that?”

Well, I may have to find something else to irk me because of young Katie Stagliano. Just a few years ago, while in third grade, Katie brought a cabbage seedling home from school and grew it into a 40-pound cabbage. Then, the magic began. Her parents had taught her to be grateful for the food they had to eat and that not everyone was as fortunate. So Katie decided to donate her super-cabbage to a local soup kitchen.

This short video, featuring Katie herself, tells the rest of the story far better than I could . . .

Video from KarmaTube

Thanks, Katie, for your volunteerism and for making my day. Oh, yea, and for “de-peeving” me.

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