40 Valuable Things You Can Learn

To live the life of your dreams, you must always keep learning, constantly be getting better.

Only you can decide which things would be valuable for you to learn, or get better at, but I have come up with 40 suggestions to get you started.

In no particular order, here are 40 worthwhile things you can learn . . .

Learn How Your Body Works

    How your body works. Most of us know more about the insides of our car than the insides of our body!

    How to apologize. When you make a mistake, this is step two; after acknowledging the mistake and before making sure you don’t repeat it.

    Self-defense. The best part about knowing how to defend yourself is that it reduces the chance you will ever have to.

    How to be a good listener. My wife says I’m not a good listener . . . or something like that!

    How to tell a joke. Here are some tips on telling jokes.

    How to operate a computer. Computers — whether desktop, laptop, tablet or handheld — are your gateway to the wisdom of the world.

    How others have achieved what you want to accomplish. Then, you follow their blueprint and work like hell.

    How to put together a balanced exercise routine. It’s not just cardio. There are 7 components of fitness.

    How to eat smarter. It’s literally true that you are – or become — what you eat.

    How to organize your day for maximum efficiency. Plan your day, don’t just let it happen.

    How to use search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing really well. Do you know you can use search engines to check spelling, do calculations and currency conversions, identify area codes and a host of other helpful things?

    How to do CPR and basic first aid.

    How to wash your hands correctly.
    Learn How To Wash Your Hands

    How to tell a good story.

    A new sport to do.

    How to give a speech. According to polls, most people fear public speaking even more than death . . . which leads to the curious conclusion that most people at a funeral would rather be in the box than give the eulogy!

    How to manage time effectively. Successful people do this better than the rest.

    How to remember names. Nothing sounds sweeter to us than the sound of our own name.

    How to do laundry.

    How to relax. Believe it or not, rest is a crucial part of a fitness program. (Where you get into trouble is when it is the only component of your fitness program.)

    How to read faster. The Information Age can be overwhelming.

    Master a gadget. For example, I will bet you do not use all the features on your smartphone or your DSLR camera.

    Learn How To Park In 1 SpaceHow to park your humongous SUV in only 1 parking spot. (Sorry, I threw that one in as a gift for my wife.)

    How to select good produce. Should it be firm, soft, green, yellow or red? What’s the difference between “organic” and “locally grown?”

    How to speak a foreign language. Only about 25% of the world speaks English. Learn how to communicate with some of the others.

    How to negotiate better. Yes “better.” We negotiate all the time – with employers, employees, co-workers, spouses and children. When you get better at it, your quality of life will improve.

    How to play a musical instrument. Passably.

    How to sing. Without scaring your cat.

    How to ski. It doesn’t matter whether it’s snow or water. It’s the speed and manageable danger that are exhilarating.

    How to do a magic trick.

    How to dance better. Actually, you can either learn how to dance better or how to care less what others think. Same result, freedom.

    How to do a craft. A great way to be creative without being able to draw.

    How to take better pictures. A great way to be creative without being able to draw.

    How to taste wine.

    How to create a website.

    How to juggle.
    Learn to juggle

    How to whistle with your fingers.

    How to write with your other hand. And brush your teeth, too. These skills can come in handy, trust me.

    How to be a better kisser. ‘Nuff said.

    How to grow things.

    How to write better. Here are 5 reasons why you should learn to write better.

What have I missed?

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