The 8 Best Things To Do On The Internet


The Internet is the most exciting development of my lifetime. It has changed the way we live, work, play and learn.

By exchanging text, images, sound and video online, we can easily do things that were unimaginable just a few years ago.

What things? Well, these are the 8 best things you can do online . . .

1. Communicate

It’s estimated that, as of 2009, there were about 247 billion emails sent daily. I’ll save you the trouble of doing the calculations. That’s about 2.8 million emails per second! (Unfortunately, the majority of them are spam!)

2. Socialize And Network

Perhaps you’ve heard of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and Flickr. And there are hundreds more affinity groups that appeal to every imaginable taste.

3. Research And Learn

The knowledge of the world is at our fingertips. And, thanks to search engine technology, it’s easily accessible.

4. Shop

Compare prices and features quickly. All from the convenience of your home or office. Have your item delivered as soon as the next day.

5. Entertain Ourselves

Play games, watch movies, listen to music.

6. Work

I began working online from a home office about 7 years ago, and there have been even more benefits than I expected. Expect this trend to continue and accelerate.

7. Financial Transactions

Efficient. Convenient. No more missing payment deadlines. I’ve gotten to the point that I am annoyed because my banks don’t yet have a system for making deposits online. Why can’t I simply scan the front and back of checks and send them through an encrypted channel to the bank?

8. Build A Business

Anyone who wants to can build an online business and compete with the Big Guys. I know it’s possible because I have done it. More than once. In my spare time.

My first website, which was to promote my primary business, has generated much more than six-figures worth of business.

The next website I built was recently sold for a confidential, but large, sum when one of the Big Guys made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

So, I know from personal experience that it is possible to create successful online businesses from scratch with no experience or expertise.

In fact, building an online business gets easier every day. There are new technologies and information that make it a snap.

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