Bowling One-Liners

Bowling One-Liners
Bowling One-Liners

I’m writing an article about bowling but I can’t fit these bowling one-liners into it.

I’ve got to get these out or I will burst, so here they are . . .

  • “Interest your kids in bowling. It’s a great way to get them off the streets and into the alleys.”
  • “One advantage of bowling over golf is that you very seldom lose the ball.”

  • “If our town didn’t have bowling, there would be no culture at all.”

  • “Something is wrong with my bowling delivery,” Tom said gutturally.

  • “I’ll never bowl with him again. After he got a strike, he spiked the ball.”

  • “I have a friend who was such a celebrity in his hometown that the local bowling alley named a gutter after him.”

  • “If you can’t hear a pin drop, there is something definitely wrong with your bowling.”

  • “I go bowling once every four years to make sure I still hate it.”

Thanks. I feel better.

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