Quiz: Which Activities Burn More Calories?

Calorie Burning Quiz
Calorie Burning Quiz

Do you know how many calories are burned by common activities at home, at work, at play and at the gym?

Here’s a little 15 question quiz to find out.

From each pair of activities, choose the one that burns more calories in 30 minutes. The link to the answers is at the bottom

_____ Vigorous Weight Lifting
_____ Step Aerobics (low-impact)

_____ Step Aerobics (high impact)
_____ Elliptical Trainer

_____ Horseback riding
_____ Walking (15 minutes/mile)

_____ Ballroom Dancing
_____ Kayaking

_____ Playing Soccer
_____ Dancing the Twist

_____ Playing Competitive Football
_____ Karate

_____ Swimming the Crawl
_____ Running (10 minutes/mile)

_____ Running (7 minutes/mile)
_____ Bicycling (> 20 mph)

_____ Raking the Lawn
_____ Operating A Snow Blower

_____ Shoveling Snow By Hand
_____ Weeding the Garden

_____ Cooking
_____ Food Shopping

_____ Moving Furniture
_____ Playing With Kids Vigorously

_____ Painting Outside of House
_____ Painting, Papering, Remodeling

_____ Coaching Sports
_____ Police Officer

_____ Firefighting
_____ Coal Mining

Click here to see the answers.

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