Have You Ever Found Yourself Writing Any Of These 10 Deadly Business Cliches?

(To have fun and stay positive, I like to write. For others who share my interest in writing, I’ll occasionally share information about writing.)

A cliche is an expression that has been repeated so often that it has become stale, commonplace and virtually meaningless. Most cliché phrases were originally striking, but they lost their force through overuse.

Cliches are everywhere. Some of the most common cliches concern aging, love, life, time, money, justice, death, marriage, sex, sports, business and change.

Here are my nominations for the 10 most useless business cliches . . .

    1. “Thinking outside of the box”

    2. “A win-win situation”

    3. “Giving 110%”

    4. “Best Practices”

    5. “Synergy”

    6. “Paradigm Shift”

    7. “Core Competency”

    8. “Best of Breed”

    9. “Low-hanging fruit”

    10. “Push the envelope”

These expressions have become trite and hackneyed. Don’t hide behind them. Explain yourself more clearly.

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