Think You Know Your 1960’s Rock And Roll Groups, Huh?

Simon & Garfunkle
Simon & Garfunkle
So, you think you know your 1960’s rock and roll groups.

What if I limit it to groups that have either “and” or “and the” in their name? Still an expert?

Prove it!

Take this quiz I created. Just fill in the blanks to complete the names of the groups.

When you click on the answer link, you will be taken to a website that tells you the group’s name. All of the websites that I have linked to will give you basic information about the group. However, some will also tell you more including such things as the group’s hits and, even, whether they are still performing. A few of the sites even have the group’s music playing.

The first 10 are easy. They’re just to get you warmed up. The next 18 are a little harder. And the last 10 are where you can really show your chops . . .


  • Gladys Knight and the __________. Answer.
  • __________ and the Supremes. Answer.
  • Sonny and __________. Answer.
  • __________ and the Belmonts. Answer.
  • Smokey Robinson and the __________. Answer.
  • __________ and the Vandellas. Answer.
  • The __________ and the Papas. Answer.
  • __________ and Garfunkel. Answer.
  • Patti LaBelle and the __________. Answer.
  • Bill Haley & the/his __________. Answer.

These are a little harder

  • __________ and the Playboys. Answer.
  • Booker T. and the __________. Answer.
  • __________ and the Pacemakers. Answer.
  • __________ and Dave. Answer.
  • Sly and the __________. Answer.
  • Sam The __________ and the __________. Answer.
  • Tommy James and the __________. Answer.
  • __________ and Dean. Answer.
  • Junior Walker and the __________. Answer.
  • Ruby and the __________. Answer.
  • __________ and the Raiders. Answer.
  • Mitch Ryder and the __________. Answer.
  • Archie Bell and the __________. Answer.
  • Little Anthony and the __________. Answer.
  • __________ and the Dreamers. Answer.
  • __________ and Jeremy. Answer.
  • Peter and __________. Answer.
  • __________ and the Mysterions. Answer.

Ready? These are the hardest

  • Big Brother and the __________. Answer.
  • Frank Zappa and the __________. Answer.
  • Garnet Mimms and the __________. Answer.
  • __________ and the Starliters. Answer.
  • __________ and the Fish. Answer.
  • Maurice Williams and the __________. Answer.
  • Cannibal and the __________. Answer.
  • __________ and the Tabulations. Answer.
  • Wayne Fontana and the __________. Answer.
  • Frankie Lymon and the __________. Answer.

How’d you do? Are you the expert you thought on the subject of 1960’s rock and roll groups with “and” or “and the” in their names?

Out of 38, I think any score of at least 30 is fantastic. Put your score in the comments below.

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