Finally, A Decent Knock Knock Joke!

Everyone knows this blog is the “go to” place to find funny jokes in categories. Like these . . .

All Capital-F Funny, top-drawer stuff.

So I have a reputation to protect.

More than once, I have researched knock knock jokes, in the hope of adding an article on the 25 best knock knock jokes of all time.

The reason I have not written such an article before now is that I couldn’t find 25 great knock knock jokes.

Actually, I couldn’t find even 1 knock knock joke that made me laugh.

Until now.

Finally, I have discovered unquestionably the best knock knock joke of all time.

And here it is . . .

“Knock knock.”

“Who’s there?”

“Control freak. NOW YOU SAY, “CONTROL FREAK WHO?!”

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