Internet Penetration

Internet Penetration
Internet Penetration

Maybe you have heard this one-liner — “My wife always laughs during sex — no matter what she’s reading!”

Well, we may have to update that joke in light of a telephone survey conducted by Harris Interactive in August, 2010.

Reportedly, the study found that almost 25% thought it was perfectly acceptable to remain “plugged in” during sex. (This article almost writes itself!)

(Actually, although widely reported, there was no reference to that finding in the press release announcing the poll results. So I don’t know whether it’s legitimate or not. I am 100% certain, however, that it’s funny.)

There is also no doubt that the poll found a growing desire to be “plugged in,” or connected, all the time no matter what the occasion. For example, many Americans believe it is acceptable to be “plugged in” . . .

  • while honeymooning (29%)
  • during a wedding (6%)
  • during a religious service (8%)
  • during dinner at home with family and friends (41%)
  • during dinner at a fancy restaurant (26%)

This need for connection reached its apex when this couple interrupted their wedding ceremony to go online and change their relationship status on Facebook.

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