Keep Your Camera Out When The Weather Is Bad

(One of the things that I do to have fun and stay positive is make photographs. From time to time, I’ll share photos I’ve taken or information about photography for those who share my interest.)

We all love beautiful landscape pictures taken on a bright, sunny day. They sparkle.

Photo of Misty River
Misty River

But, when the weather turns bad, don’t automatically put your camera away.

This is a photo that I made in the early morning on a rainy and dreary day. I think it captures the mood of the day and it’s unusual since most photographers don’t shoot in bad weather or in black and white. I chose black and white because I thought it was a better way to portray the dreariness.

Photo of Snowy Landscape
Snowy Landscape

This is another bad weather picture. Taken right after a hellacious snow storm, I think this picture also captures the mood and the feel of the day. I get cold just looking at it.

Of course, it goes without saying that when you are shooting in inclement weather, you have to take precautions to keep your equipment dry.

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