15 Reasons Why I Heart My iPad

Apple's Steve Jobs and the iPad

It’s vital that you keep learning throughout your life. Now, there’s a tool available that will make your job easier and much more fun. It’s Apple’s iPad.

Here are 15 things I do with my iPad . . .

1. Using Apple’s Safari browser, I can do any online activity (except print) that I can do on a desktop or a laptop.

2. The iPad handles email beautifully. Reviewing and sending emails is quick and easy.

3 I listen to music on the built-in iPod.

4. I read books. I use the Apple application, iBooks, and a Kindle application. I prefer the iBooks application, but the Kindle application is very good too and it gives me access to more books through Amazon.

Apple brilliantly allows smart software developers to write applications that run on the iPad. There are more than 250,000 of them and there are apps that can do just about anything you can imagine.

These are some of the things I do with apps . . .

5. I get easy access to news. I rely on a news aggregator called Pulse and a personalized magazine app called Zite which I like very much. Way cool.

6. I download and watch movies .

7. I manage my schedule. The iPad synchronizes with my Outlook calendar (and contacts). There are also many “to do list” apps.

8. I view and edit photos. I have 3 different editing applications. My favorite is Photogene.

9. I social network at Facebook and Twitter.

10. I learn about current movies, getting reviews and schedules at my local theaters. I can purchase tickets through the applications.

11. I work on my office computer when I’m out of my office using an application called LogMeIn. It works very well.

12. I check sports scores and news. I prefer ScoreMobile, but I have other app choices including ESPN.

13. I check weather with an app called TWC Max+. This is a weather channel app and it is fabulous.

14. Using an app called Navigon, I use the iPad as a GPS. It is as good as any dedicated GPS I have used.

15. I keep tabs on the value of my house using the Zillow application.

And many,many other things. At last count, I had more than 100 applications on my iPad!

BTW, although I don’t play games on the iPad, I understand there are many great ones.

The iPad’s a pleasure to use. The 6″ by 8″ screen (9.7″ diagonally) is beautiful. You move from screen to screen by swiping your finger across the screen and you enlarge and shrink what is on the screen by using pinching and expanding motions with your thumb and forefinger. To select an action, you touch the screen.

Of course, the iPad’s not perfect. The on-screen keyboard is good, but not good enough to do heavy-duty typing. (You can use an external plugin keyboard if you want). You can’t print with the original iPad (but you can with the iPad 2 and a wireless printer). Most troublesome of all, the iPad does not allow you to play flash videos online. That’s annoying, but I expect some sort of a solution to that problem at some point.

Even considering these negatives, the iPad is unbelievably useful and great fun to use. I strongly recommend it.

In a later post, I’ll discuss the feature decisions you must make when you buy your iPad.

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