Optimists Are Hired And Promoted Faster

Optimism Pays
Optimism Pays

A positive mental outlook or frame of mind has been shown to have many benefits.

It turns out that, among the benefits, an optimistic disposition is an important factor in job search success.

That’s the conclusion of a Working Paper written by business professors Ron Kaniel, Cade Massey, David T. Robinson (of Duke, Yale and Duke, respectively) with the academic-sounding title “The Importance of Being an Optimist: Evidence from Labor Markets.”

The professors studied MBA students at an unnamed mid-Atlantic university and this is what they concluded . . . (the emphasis comes from me)

“Dispositional optimism is a personality trait associated with individuals who believe, either rightly or wrongly, that in general good things tend to happen to them more often than bad things. Using a novel longitudinal data set that tracks the job search performance of MBA students, we show that dispositional optimists experience significantly better job search outcomes than pessimists with similar skills. During the job search process, they spend less effort searching and are offered jobs more quickly. They are choosier and are more likely to be promoted than others. Although we find optimists are more charismatic and are perceived by others to be more likely to succeed, these factors alone do not explain away the findings. Most of the effect of optimism on economic outcomes stems from the part that is not readily observed by one’s peers.”

This study is consistent with other studies which have shown that optimistic people are less likely to get heart disease or breast cancer, and are generally happier.

Sounds like optimism is a good strategy. What have you go to lose by giving it a try?

I’m optimistic it will work for you. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist that.)

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