Photo Of Guitar Playing

Guitar Playing in Black And White
Guitar Playing in Black And White

(One of the things that I do to have fun and stay positive is make photographs. From time to time, I’ll share photos I’ve taken or information about photography for those who share my interest.)

This photo was made at a nighttime outdoor concert.

Because of the low light, when I took the picture I had no idea that the woman’s face in the lower right corner was there.

But I think she adds interest to the photo and makes a good picture a much better one.

This proves that “ya gotta shoot ’em to get ’em.” Translated, that means take lots of photos. Some that you thought would be great won’t turn out to be all you expected. Others, such as this one, will turn out to be much better than you thought.

Oh . . . I cut off the musician’s head because I wanted a picture of the playing, not the player.

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