What Makes Me Happy: The Top 10 Things “I Can’t Imagine The World Without”

I can't imagine a world withoutEveryone wants to be happy.

Why not, happier people tend to live longer, are healthier and make more money.

So, I ask you. What makes you happy?

Do you ever think about that question? Doesn’t just thinking about it make you happy?

Alright, let’s start a happy-fest. Here’s what we are going to do . . .

We are going to complete this sentence – “I can’t imagine the world without . . .”

My inspiration for this post is my wife, the lovely and talented Kathie. We were watching a tribute band concert recently when she turned to me and said – as she had a number of times before – “I can’t imagine a world without music.”

In no particular order, here’s my list of what makes me happy, or the top 10 things I can’t imagine the world without . . .

    1. my wife. (My mama didn’t raise no fool.)

    2. the Internet.

    3. bright colors.

    4. me. ( I mean, when you think about it . . .)

    5. lobster.

    6. exercise.

    7. my iPad.

    8. humor.

    9. clear blue water and white sand beaches.

    10. dancing.

Ok, it’s your turn. Your Top 10 list doesn’t have to be in order and it doesn’t even have to include 10 things. It can be any number you want. Whatever makes you happy!

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