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Count The Acts Of Kindness

Acts of kindness are all around us, but they usually pass into history unnoticed, or at least unappreciated. Fortunately, the story I am about to tell you was saved on film for all of us to savor . . .

Nine-year-old Caine Monroy spent his summer vacation at his father’s Los Angeles auto parts store. To pass the time, the budding entrepreneur designed and built an elaborate arcade out of taped-together cardboard boxes.

Caine offered two ticket prices. For a $1 regular ticket, you could play 4 games. But for a $2 “Fun Pass,” you could play 500 times. Unfortunately, because the shop didn’t have many visitors, no one took Caine up on his offers.

Then, one day, filmmaker Nirvan Mullick happened into the shop because he needed a part for his old car. While he was there, Nirvan became Caine’s first customer.

But that was just the beginning of Nirvan’s kindness. He orchestrated an elaborate flash mob through Facebook and Reddit that brought a huge crowd to Caine’s arcade to play his games.

Nirvan captured all of this on an 11-minute film called “Caine’s Arcade.” He also created a website where visitors can contribute to a college fund for this Steve-Jobs-in-training. In less than one week, the fund had received commitments of more than $125,000!