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I’m Like A Kid With A New Toy

Although I don’t now, I have had a boat much of my life. Just a small bowrider for skiing and enjoying the sun and the water on a pretty day.

One of my favorite boating activities is teaching beginners to water ski.

When the beginner “gets it,” whether on the first attempt of the fiftieth, the fun begins.

When they get back in the boat, the newbies are usually euphoric. They babble on and on about the experience, as if they were the first person in the world to ever experience water skiing. They grin. :) A lot. :) :) :)

I tell you this so you will know I am aware that I am not the first person in the world to learn how to edit photos using Photoshop or, in my case, PhotoShop Elements.

But even though I know that, I can’t control my enthusiasm. This is so @#&^ cool.

Look at these two photos of a windsurfer. I scanned the first one into my computer and, as you see, it had “warts” all over it. You can’t make out the windsurfer’s face and there are extraneous blemishes all over the photo.


Now, here’s the same photo after I fixed those problems.

Windsurfing edited
Pretty neat, huh?

Have I become an expert at using photo editing software? I don’t think so, but I guess it depends on your perspective.

Learning a new skill is like marching in a parade. You are ahead of the people behind you, but behind the people ahead of you.

So, if you are behind me in learning photo editing, I hope you are inspired by this illustration of what even a beginner can do. And if you are ahead of me, well, sorry for being such an obnoxious newbie. :)