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Volunteering In America

If I have a life philosophy that can be reduced to bumper sticker length, it is this: We’re all in this together.

Leave footprints by volunteeringOur differences are insignificant when compared to the things we have in common. Ultimately, almost all of us want the same things out of life: to succeed, have some fun, do some good and, if we’re lucky, leave footprints so someone will remember we were here.

One way many of us recognize our commonalities and our inter-dependence is through volunteering. I’ve written about this “secret” to a good life before, given you inspirational quotes about volunteering and even told you about research which shows that volunteers live longer!

Fascinating new statistics are out about volunteering in America. They come from the Corporation for National and Community Service which has released “Volunteering in America,” a detailed, multi-year report on volunteering trends and demographics.

Some of the most interesting findings are presented in this infographic.

Volunteering In America 2010