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What Success Means To Me

Everyone wants “success,” but most of us don’t have a clear vision of what success means to us. We don’t have a personal definition of success.

Of course, each person’s definition of success will be different and our personal definitions of success will depend on our circumstances.

What Success Means To MeIn far-too-many parts of the world, success might consist of having drinkable water, sanitation facilities or an education.

For those of us fortunate to have these and other basics, our idea of success depends, ultimately, on what we value. We want more or better of what we think is important, be it related to health, wealth, relationships or something else.

So, to find my definition of what success means to me, I turned to my list of core values and then developed a definition of success that is congruent with those values.

I’m pretty sure our definitions of success change as we go through life. If I had been developing my definition of success earlier in life, I undoubtedly would have given greater consideration, at different stages, to having high school friends, excelling in sports, getting into college, getting laid, getting a good job, finding a spouse, accumulating professional accomplishments, being a great parent . . . You get the idea.

But, as of now, this is what I came up with . . .

What Is Success

For me, success is (1) taking persistent action (2) to achieve worthy goals (3) which add value to the world as well as benefit me.

To me, success is not just achieving a final goal. I feel successful if I persistently pursue my goals. That’s because I know that, over time, persistent action will usually lead to a successful conclusion.

For the mathematically inclined, here’s my equation: Consistent action + worthy, value-based goals = success.

”Soaring” And Other Thoughts On The Meaning Of Success

I have two more thoughts about what success means.

Instead of one definition of success, it is probably more helpful to have different definitions of success for different aspects of your life such as health, wealth, relationships and personal development. Or to have different success definitions for the different roles we play, such as family member, employer/employee, neighbor, citizen, team member, club member, etc.

Soaring!Finally, I offer my definition of what I’ll call Super Success. I feel super successful when I’m fearlessly living life as a daring adventure – outside my comfort zone, learning, doing, creating, achieving, leaving big footprints. The descriptive word that comes to mind is “soaring!” Those are the truly special times, and I try to create as many of them as possible.

How ‘bout you? What’s your definition of success?