Is It Time To Change Your Daily Routine?

Daily Routine
Daily Routine

The flimsiest possible justification for maintaining your daily routine without change, year after year, is that you have always done it that way.

So, about 6 months ago, I started thinking about my daily routine and wondering whether I could tweak it to make it more efficient.

Maybe you should look at your routine, too.  These are the 2 main questions to ask yourself . . .

    1.    Are you doing all the things you should every day?

    2.    Are you doing them at the best time of day?

What Activities Should Be In Your Daily Routine?

Let’s start with the things you do every day.

Sure, most of your schedule is decided for you by work and family commitments.  But you must make time for yourself.

Two critical activities are missing from many daily routines.  One is exercise.  The other is personal time to do important “special projects.”  Special projects can be building a side business online, acquiring a new skill, writing a book or whatever else helps to achieve important goals.  Writing this blog is one of my special projects.


Regular exercise is a non-negotiable requirement for a healthy and happy life.  Just do it.  Set it (in your routine) and forget it.

Personal Time

Time to pursue your goals is also essential for a happy life.  The emphasis here is on your goals, not your employer’s goals or someone else’s goals.  These are the objectives that will make you healthier, wealthier and happier when you achieve them.

When Should You Do Each Activity In Your Daily Routine?

Once you have decided which activities to include in your daily routine, you have to decide the order in which you will do them.

In other words, when will you exercise, when will you work on your special projects and when will you do any other activities that are important to you?

The experts disagree on the best time to exercise.  Some swear by a morning workout to rev up your metabolism and clear your head for the day.  Others believe that midday workouts break up the day, de-stress you and prepare you for the afternoon.  Still others are convinced that late afternoon or evening workouts are best because they de-stresses you from the day and help you sleep better.

The answer is that you should exercise when it fits best into your schedule so you will do it. If you’re concerned that you will find reasons not to exercise if you put it off until later, do it first.

If possible, you should work on your special projects when you are sharpest.  Make your projects and goals a priority.

If you are an Early Bird, work on your projects in the early morning, before your other activities.  If you are a Night Owl, schedule personal time later at night.  If you’re super motivated to achieve your goals, work on them both early and late.


Here’s my suggestion.

Take a look at your schedule and decide whether it includes all the right activities and whether you are doing the activities at the best possible times.  This exercise could turn out to be one of the most important things you ever do for yourself.

In my next article, I’ll talk about the changes I made in my daily schedule and how they are working out.

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